Sponsoring a Child

In Guatemala, they are called "Padrinos”, or Godparents. Be a Padrino or Padrina for someone who lives miles away, but who will quickly be in your heart. By sponsoring a child, your financial support directly goes toward bettering the life of the child and the family.

A few things that the money is used for:

Necessities for school - Including tuition, books, uniforms, and all other supplies necessary for attendance and quality participation.


Food - Many times the children are undernourished as their family may live on less than two dollars per day. The money may be used for buying staple food items such as rice and flour.


Clothing - A child grows quickly, and as such, they need bigger clothes often.


Medical visits - To ensure good health, your sponsorship will be used for medical needs such as checkups and the doctor and dentist, as well as vision and hearing screening.


Miscellaneous Needs - Because the staff of ImagininGuatemala visits with the families monthly, they know what the child or the family may need. Your financial support allows the staff to respond quickly to those changing needs.


Becoming a Sponsor (Godparent):

Sponsoring a Guatemalan child demonstrates love. Impoverished children often do not grow up feeling a sense of personal worth. Through your act of love, your Godchild will experience the important sense of human worth through knowing they are loved and valued by you. When you sponsor a child you can be part of their life. You can be that special person who cared enough to change their life for the better! Your generosity will give this child and their family a better future full of hope.


A relationship with your Godchild can start today; once you complete the application form you will receive a biography, photographs, and a special message from your Godchild. Cards, photos, and facilitated email messages can be shared to help your relationship and bond grow. Your Godchild will want you to share in their happy moments, their sad moments, their dreams, and their goals, just like family. You will be connected through seeing photos and hearing of your Godchild growing and being nurtured through your generous support. Every year you will receive a report from our Sponsorship Department; in it, you will learn about your Godchild’s achievements and personal development. You will see that your money is being used to make a difference in their life. We are committed to keeping you informed about your Godchild. We personally thank you for your interest in helping our Guatemala children, with that Guatemala will be a better country!


The Cost of Sponsoring a Child:

You can sponsor a child for a minimal monthly contribution (as little as $30.00 per month). We promise to be fiscally responsible with your financial gift. Your gift will assist us in assuring your future Godson or Goddaughter has: Adequate food & clean drinking water, Clothes & Shoes, Assistance with obtaining medical care, and an education (school supplies, uniforms, etc.).


We will also be happy to provide personal references as to the credibility of our program and promise to use your gift appropriately.

Just some of the children that have benefited or could benefit from sponsorship.