How You Can Help

Support for ImagininGuatemala comes from around the world, but starts with you. These are the three main avenues of support for ImagininGuatemala. Please click on any of the buttons for more information.

Service Teams are the biggest and most direct means of support for ImagininGuatemala. Teams typically spend 10-14 days in Guatemala, with four of those spent building a house for a person in need. Other activities may be included, such as visiting an orphanage or a clothing giveaway.

Child sponsorship provides needed economic and physical support for an underprivileged child and their family. Needs met through child sponsorship may include educational needs, nutritional needs, medical needs, and more. Each child is assessed and the needs customized for each situation.

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Special projects occur when benefactors and special needs match up. ImagninGuatemala provides the logistical conduit from the source to the needed area in Guatemala. These may be shorter-term occasions or ongoing longer-term projects, as needs and funding sources dictate.


Monetary Donations

Due to international regulations, most monetary donations coming from outside Guatemala should be made through our dedicated sister organization in the USA, The Guatemala Project. More than 99% of all funds donated to The Guatemala Project go to help the programming of ImagininGuatemala.

Donations of Goods

Donations of goods such as clothing, tools, or other materials to be distributed in Guatemala generally cannot be accepted as there is no reliable method for mailing or shipping to the country currently available. Exceptions are made in cases where Service Teams are willing and able to hand-deliver donations.

Please contact The Guatemala Project for more information.