Special Projects

When a need is identified either by the staff of ImagininGuatemala, or by an outside partner, and funding is secured, these projects play a special role in the life, and the hearts, of ImagininGuatemala. These occurrences usually come with major funding either upfront or through ongoing donations. Each project is evaluated on its feasibility, merit, and impact on the community.


Here are some highlights of ongoing special projects:

Water for Life

Food in the Fields

In collaboration with the Sunrise Rotary Club of Naperville, Illinois, USA and the Rotary Metropoli of Guatemala City, ImagininGuatemala is installing water tank systems for dozens of needy families in villages where access to water is sporadic. In addition, ImagininGuatemala has provided instruction on how to safely care for and clean the tank so the water remains safe for the families.

Surrounded by factory farms, with little access to basic necessities, the people of Mano de Leon live with very little. With the support of the German organization Micasa Das Ein-Euro-Haus e.V. and the Food Bank of  Guatemala City, ImagininGuatemala provides monthly food staples to the residents of the small village. This allows for the spending of their meager funds on other essentials.

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